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Initial Application

Submit an initial application

Agencies seeking accreditation by the Minnesota State Board of Legal Certification must submit an Initial Application and fee to the Board.

Attachments to the application may be submitted on a CD or USB drive.

Review process

The Board will review the application for the criteria listed in Rule 112 of the State of Minnesota Rules of the Board of Legal Certification. The Board may request additional information from the applicant agency.

Approval of accreditation

Once the Board accredits an agency, the agency is responsible for the obligations listed under Rule 113.

The Board will send a courtesy reminder each year for agencies to submit their annual reports and fees. Agencies must submit this to the Board by January 20th.

The Board will send a courtesy reminder every three years for agencies to submit their recertification application.

Denial of accreditation

If an agency has been denied accreditation by the Board, the agency may not reapply for 12 months following the Board’s disposition (see Rule 108). An agency may appeal the Board’s determination to deny the application.