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Frequently Asked Questions

What different fields of law can a Minnesota lawyer be certified in?

Business Bankruptcy
Child Welfare Law
Civil Trial Practice
Consumer Bankruptcy
Creditors’ Rights
Criminal Law
Elder Law
Family Law Trial Advocacy
Labor and Employment
Privacy Law
Real Property

For details on each of the specialty fields, visit the Specialty Fields page.

How does a lawyer become a specialist?

There are six independent agencies that are authorized to certify lawyers as specialists in Minnesota. Those agencies are guided by the Rules of the Minnesota Board of Legal Certification that list the minimum requirements to become a specialist. Rule 114. The certifying agency may have additional requirements. A lawyer must contact one of the five certifying agencies to review the requirements and apply to become a specialist.

At a minimum, Minnesota lawyers who wish to become certified as specialists must:

  1. Be licensed and on active status in Minnesota,
  2. Show evidence of “substantial involvement” in the field of law during the three-year period immediately preceding certification,
  3. Take and pass a written examination in their specialty field,
  4. Fulfill ongoing education requirements, and
  5. Receive favorable evaluations from other attorneys and judges familiar with their work.

Who certifies attorneys in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, the Board of Legal Certification accredits agencies, who in turn certify lawyers as specialists. The Board does not certify lawyers directly.

Visit the Accredited Agencies page to learn about each of the agencies that the Minnesota Board of Legal Certification has accredited.

How can I find a certified lawyer?

You may contact any of the Minnesota-accredited agencies to search for or request information about certified lawyers in your area.

Minnesota State Board of Legal Certification